FWA & Jarl and Son

Jarl is on holiday. Main goal is quality time with son Jona. A day of fishing is part of the vacation. Fishing buddy Anouschka completes the team. We hit the reservoir, for a relaxing day on the water. In the end it became hard work relaxation.. :-)

Jarl is an old soldier on the lake. The current (high) water levels make orientation a bit more difficult, but when we arrive at the spot(s), the memories come naturally. And guess what.. after all these years the spots still yield fish. Even better than expected. Despite many "early releases", everyone catches their fish and at some point we lose count. But one thing is clear. It's a successful day and the main fish species of the lake have been caught:

Cichla Temensis

Cichla Ocellaris  

Black Piranha

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