FWA (Fishing With Anouschka)

It has been a while. Due to Covid-19 and a busy workschedule, 2 months past, when Anouschka (fiscle consultancy nv) finds some space in her agenda. Fishing time. And with Anouschka on board it's always Fun & Adventure. On to the lake.

It starts out as a sunny day but we end in the rain. The target for today is Temensis on "topwater". The fly fishing rod is also on board.

Given the many photos on FB over the past few months, the tension is high. We wonder "Was it all C&R?" and "Did our hotspots survive?"

At the end off the day we evaluate and we are not completely reassured. Some Hotspots are now extinct .. But we have had some beautiful fish on the boat and plenty of visuals. In addition, we have opted for a technique that gives us great pleasure, but is not always the most effective.

Most Important: Anouschka enjoyed her fishing day.

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