Fishing With Anouschka & Jojo trading

Easter weekend, time to get out and about. On the move with Lizbeth, Enrico, Anders & Xaviera. (JoJo trading NV). Anouschka (Fiscle Consultancy) completes the group. It will be a fun challenge. The locals want to catch Cichla temensis. The international guests go for the piranha. On top of that it should be a chill day, preferably with a visit to a "beach".

They've planned a whole day for it and that's a OK. It starts out tough, we have the first visuals and even hits, but the fish does not want to get on the boat. During our "beach" visit the first fish is landed. Cichla ocellaris on "top water". Its a (beatiful) start.

After lunch the wether changes. We process 2 heavy rain showers. Despite this, Cichla Temensis and Piranha were caught. Almost all wishes came true today.

Only lures today (for the peacockbass)

Ook een keer naar het Stuwmeer?

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