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28 dec, Ravin & Sheung

Trip No. 2 with Ravin & Sheung, They want two days fishing on the lake with an overnight stay at Matu-island. Of course this is no problem. We leave early from the city. Its morning glory when we arrive at the lake. After we caught some baitfish we sail towards the fishing grounds. It's a knobbly ride but once on the spot, We start fishing. Its a slow start. But the fish is found. The first catch is on the deep running plugs. But when the sun breaks through the surface lures also get attention .. By 12 we stop fishing and we leave for Matu-island. The lunch buffet is ready.

In the afternoon there is a stiff breeze. The sun is not to be seen. We are finding the large water and in the lee of an island we capture the boat. On the lures we get no responses. But then switch to live bait .. and it works ... some pretty Peacockbass as a result ...

The second day, after a good dinner and sleep, we early go out on the water. Unfortunately, there is still wind and the sun is still hidding. Nevertheless Ravin knows to land a nice Piranha on lures. And on live bait Sheung captures another Peacock. Several hits are missed. But even those are appreciated

response of the guests:
indescribably beautiful !! Words fail ..

Onbeschrijfelijk mooi!! woorden schieten tekort..

Ravin & Sheung

Double hook-up

Peacockbass, Tukunari

Watchout, Piranha bites.

24 dec, Niets Ravin & Sheung

Niels mails from Ned that he is coming .. He would like to fish but does not have a fishingbuddy. Ravin & Sheung are two friends on vacation in Su. They like to spend a day fishing and do not object that Niels joins them.

Once on the water we have, contrary to expectations, a slow start. After 2 spots we find the Rays. Here the boys can indulge themselves with some nice catches. The largest ray is to big to get on board (safety). When de the bites drop, we move again. And again we hit a spot found with fish ... this time its catfish.

Stingray, Spari

Stingray, Spari

15 Dec, Al & Pasha

Al is a captive customer. Every year he visits Surinam. After 5 visits to the reservoir, it's time for something else. He and Pasha decide for a day trip to the estuari. and it turns out to be a good choice .

Arius couma, Koemakoema

Graycatfish, Kati

Stingray, Spari

22 Nov, Santman

Gerrit, Wim, Herman and Iko are on holiday in Suriname. It's their first time in Suriname. Gerrit likes fishing on his holiday's .. also in Suriname. His friends join him on the trip.
As expected, it starts quietly. We fish on different spots. 2 Beautiful catfish were caught, 72 and 85 centimeters. We finish at Braamspunt. And it go's completely nuts . multiple rays within fifteen minutes. A good numeber of catfish. With a satisfied feeling the return is accepted.

customer response:
Together with friends a nice day with good catches. Totally recommended.

Samen met vriendem een fijne dag met goede vangsten. Zeker aan te bevelen.

G. Santman

Arius Couma, Koemakoema

Arius Couma, Koemakoema

Stingray, Spari

Gray Catfish, Kati

29 october, Baldew

Jerry visits Surinam almost every year. And fishing is an integral part of his vacation. Today friend Rewien accompanies him. Off to the estuari. It starts out a misti. But once on the fishingspot the wether clears. At al local fishermen we get some fresh bait.. and fishing starts.. Not before long the fish finds our bait. Catfish.. its a school. Same spieces same size.. We decide to go for next spot.. its Quite.. suddenly a run.. after 10 minutes Jerry finaly gets some color.. its a Stingray..

Spari, Stingray, Dasyatidae spp

Kodokoe, Arius quidriscutis

@ the ramp, withthe "commander"

24 october, Wouters

Ton lives on Bonaire. He is a avid angler. so in Surinam he wants to go out fishing. Off to the estuari.. It started out slow.. but and the end of the day we had caught multiple species of catfish, a stingray. Cath of the day a baby Lalau..

Guest response

Perfect trip, completely taken care of, recommended.

Perfecte trip compleet verzorgd, aanrader.

Ton Wouters

Barbamang, Bagre bagre

Lalau,Brachtyplatystoma vaillanti

Spari, StingrayDasyatidae spp

23 october, Laverack

A day of fishing on the estuari. Glen would like to catch some catfish. and he did...

Sunrise in the mist.

Koepila, Arius Proops

22 october, Fam v. Tongeren

Alex and Erik are on holiday in Suriname. Alex is a sport fisherman who in recent years has less time for it. Erik is not a fisherman but gladly accompanies his brother. Once on the water it is searching for the fish. We try different spots. It's gathering but eventually we'll catch a fish everywhere. A "surprising" catch a "Blowfish".

Kodokoe, Arius Quidriscutis

Kodokoe, Arius Quidriscutis

@the Ramp, with the "commander"

20 october, Fam Vos

For Marja and Nadia it's already a while ago they have fished. Saskia joins them. Once on the water, it seems the ladies have never fished with a spinning rod ...Ok .. so, first an instructional lesson ..and the ladies get it. the casts get better and better. Fish is caught. Rog is a special catch. Nadia is a freelance photographer and was very impressed with the surroundings.

Customer response.

Very nice trip a must! Knowledgeable guide who very patiently explains the technique of fishing.

Heel leuke trip een aanrader! Kundige gids die heel geduldig de techniek van het hengelen aan leken bijbrengt.

Marja, Saskia and Nadia

First Catch, 

A cooling dip.

@ the ramp, with the "commander"

1&2 October, Bohr, Armand & Suzanne

Armand and Suzanne are on holiday in Suriname. Armand an avid angler and Suzanne should not have much of that. But on vacation, she promises to join him.

Ultimately the choice fell on two days (teh Lake) Reservoir with overnight on Matu Island. When we sail in the morning, there is a strong wind with a nasty swell. It was a tough journey. Fortunately it is less intense on the east side of the lake.

I have chosen to start fishing with surface lures. Armand goes right away while Suzanne gets a workout in "fishing with a spinning rod." During the morning the waves become less and the first Peacock (Tukunari) is caught, we fished the lee side of an island. Moments later Armand catches No. 2 and even a Piranha is caught. The fish is not "loose".

After lunch on-Matu Island, we start fishing again at 16 hours. With a net we catch baitfish. Then it's a question of finding the Peacockbass, Eventually we find a school "on the doorstep" of Matu.

After a delicious dinner and a good night's sleep we start after breakfast early the next day. Again there is a strong wind and swell. We choose to fish in the lee of one of the major inlets. Artmand starts with Lures and Suzanne gets to work with live bait. Unfortunately for Armand The peacock is not interested in the Lures. But the livebait is different. Twice we find a school and it goes completely loose .. not the biggest, but fun sport on light tackle. Suzanne Is the lucky one. We decide to end the day fishing "on the doorstep" of Matu. And here it is not long before we hit a school of Peacock and this time they are "somewhat larger"

Guest Response:
Amazing experience. You do not need to be a professional to make this trip. Good guidance.

Geweldige ervaring. Je hoeft geen prof te zijn om deze trip te maken. goede begeleiding.

Armand & Suzanne

Back @ the ramp. enjoyed the trip

Peacockbass, Tukunari.

Peacockbass, Tukunari.

Watchout, Piranha bites!!

7 - 17 september, Fred, Marc, Sten & Jorn

10 day trip with Fred, Marc, Jorn en Sten.

some figures:
291 km by boat (oneway)
11 hours of boating
Made kamp twice (overnight)
4 boats

To much Piranha
Peacockbass over 40 pieces (largest 65cm)
Redtail catfish 22 (largest 117CM, 2nd 115cm)
Kubi 11
Tigercatfish 4
Wolffish/ Giant Trahira (anjoemara) 4
Lalau 3 (143CM, 189cm & 201cm)
Tarpon 3
Pacu several
Pikefish 1
Stingray 1
Praprari 1

Fred (Pilot at KLM) and Marc (www.gooilandbeveiliging.nl) had a slow start. They concentrated on the Lalau. After a few days they got the hang of it. Fred was the one with the biggest Lalau and Redtail..

Sten did his second trip to the Wonotobo. He and Jorn concentrated on Flyfishing the Peacockbass. They immediatly kicked off. Jorn was the lucky one with 65cm Peacockbass and he even caught Giant trahira (Anjoemara) on the fly.

Guest response:

Raymond has everything in good order. Trips are well organized which gives a feeling of familiarity. For his first trip to Wonotobo it has been a very successful trip with lots of fish. Highly recommended.

Raymond heeft alles tiptop in orde. Trips zijn goed verzorgd wat direct een vertrouwd gevoel geeft. Voor zijn eerste trip naar Wonotobo is het een zeer geslaagde reis geweest met veel vis. Een echte aanrader.

Sten & Jorn

Fred & marc with the crew

Sten & Jorn

Redtai Catfish

Lalau 201cm

Double hook-up


Peacockbass, Tukunari 65CM

Anjoemara, Wolffish, on the fly.


Kubi, Zilver croacker

Redtail Catfish, 117cm

Striped Catfish, Tijgermeerval

20 august, Nabibaks

Anouschka Nabibaks (www.fiscleconsultancy.com) is an avid angler. She has been fishing in Argentina, Brazil etc. In Surinam you can find her at Kayser .. Still her favorite sport fish is the Tukunari (Peacock Bass). Her sister Karin and brother-in-law Michel Capitein (www.technolab.nl) are on holiday in Surinam. Niece Keyleigh is also there. They like to visit the Reservoir, of course there should be some fishing.

At the first island I'll tie the boat so we have time to rig the rods and give instructions. Before I got the first rod rigged Anouschka misses the first fish. While I give instructions to Keyleigh, Anouschka has the 2nd strike. OK. exciting start .. When everyone is fishing, we drift further along the island. And again it is Anouschka .... FISH ON!! Peacock Bass !! .. .. .. 51 CM.. Catch of the day.
Michel also captures a beautiful Tukunari on the same spot. A good start. And actually it went like this the whole day. Over 15 piece Tukunari, only a few "small-ones" and Black Piranha. Karin managed to catch her first fish ever and Keyleigh caught a Tukunari of 48cm ..

Catch of the Day: Peacock Bass 51CM

lures of the day: Whopper plopper, River2Sea

Customer Response:
I thought it was a very successful day and worth every penny! Ray is a nice friendly guy with excellent material. He is not satisfied until his client is. I heartily recommend it to also enjoy this experience.

Ik vond het een bijzonder geslaagde dag en iedere cent waard! Ray is een leuke vriendelijke gozer met uitstekend materiaal. Hij is pas tevreden als zijn klant het ook is. Ik beveel het van harte aan om ook deze ervaring te beleven.

Michel Captain, Karin, Keyleigh & Anouschka Nabibaks.

Tukunari, Peacockbass. 51CM (catch of the day)

Tukunari, Peacockbass. First catch ever

Tukunari, Peacockbass. 48Cm

Tukunari, Peacockbass.

18 august, De Leeuw

Shirlana and Christian are four weeks on holiday in Surinam. They wanted to go fishing a week earlier but due to illness they could not. luckily I had some space in my diary. They were picked up at 6:00 and then off to the estuari. It starts as a dry day. And the fish cooperate. it is not long before the first fish aboard. When is gets slow we move. On the 2nd spot it is not much better and Shirlana Chritian and decide that it's been fun. Back to the slope. Halfway it starts raining .. and it does not stop.

Response of the guest:
It was a fun trip, I'm glad we were able to shift the day when there was a sick ..

Het was een leuke trip, fijn dat we de dag konden verzetten toen er een zieke was.
Shirmala and Christian de Leeuw

Kati, Arius proops


With "the Commander"

15 August, US Coast Guard

A regular customer calls with a "last minute" booking. He has four guests who want to fish on the weekend. After some re-organization i manage to take the reservation. It turns out to be 4 men of the US Coast Guard. Andrew, Scott, Mike and John. They are 2 weeks in Suriname for providing training to the Surinamese Coast Guard. I immediately felt a lot safer on board ..

It was a beautiful day on the Lake. Despite the clouds, several beautiful Tukunari and a nice number of Piranha were caught. Everyone caught at least one Peacockbass and one Black Piranha.The guests were happy.

Bait of the day: Yo-zuri Minnow

Guest response:
Excellent Fishing trip!! Raymond is the best guide i have fished with. Very proffesional and even broke plans to take my freinds and i fishing.
Andrew, Scott, Mike and John

Tukunari, Peacockbass.

Black Piranha

Tukunari, Peacockbass.

Tukunari, Peacockbass.

25 & 26 July, Miller

A two daytrip with Charles Miller. Fishing on the "van Blommenstein" Lake with overnight at Matu-Island. Ronald of "R&S Vissen In Suriname" joined the trip as deckhand.

Check Charles story: https://camiller3rd.wordpress.com/…/peacock-bass-at-broko…/…

Response of Charles:
Had a great Time!!
Excellent guide.

Black Piranha, on the fly.

Tukunari, Peacockbass


Tukunari, Peacockbass on the fly.

Charles teaching Ronald how to Fly-fish

23 July, Ramon & Toon

Ramon is with the family on holiday in Suriname. He wants to go fishing but no fishing budy. Toon, also on holidays, has the same situation. After some calls back and forth we manages to combine the men on one trip. Ronald van "R&S Vissen In Suriname" goes along and Ramon decides to take his son with him. And it is a full house.

On catches, we can be brief. It's a fun day and everybody catches his part .. unfortunately there are a few failures of probably "very big" fish. 1xthere's no stopping the fish. Result is line breakage.

Nevertheless a fun day on the estuari.

Customer response:
Since I'm not a fisherman, I have to work to bring a ray inside. This gives you a thrill. recommended this trip.

Reactie van de klant:
Aangezien ik geen sportvisser ben heb ik toch moeten werken om een rog binnen te halen. Dit geeft je wel een kick. een aanrader deze trip.



Spari, Stingray

Kodokoe, Arius Quidriscutis

Spari, Stingray

Kati, Arius proops

With "the Commander"

10 July, Breemen.

Fred is a pilot. For his work at KLM he was a few days in Suriname. From the Netherlands he did the booking. Good friend Mark was with him. Together they want to spend the day relaxing on the estuari. And it works. At least in the beginning. During the day catches got better and better .. to the point that it even appears as employment.

Fred and Mark were happy and reservations for the next trip were made. This time it will be a multi-day trip.

Kati ,Arius pps

Koplia, Arius Proops

With "The Commander"

7 july, Ramphal

Annually Al Ramphal visits Suriname. A trip to the reservoir is an integral part of his vacation. this time accompanied by his wife Pasha. Two days on the lake, overnight at Matu Island. Pasha has not much fishing experience, but after a little instruction she is well underway. and she catches fish .. Even more than Al .. Two great days, with plenty of fish and proper care on Matu.


Tukunari, Peacockbass


Tukunari, Peacockbass.

With "the Commander"

29 june, Fam Brandjes

lovely, relaxing day at the estuarie. Wether was good, so the family enjoyed them self.The fishing was tough. not a lot of fish but al of good size..

Response of the guests:
Enjoyed, freindly, beautiful trip.

Reactie van de gasten:
Genoten, gezellige en mooie trip

Enjoying the boattrip

Kati, Catfish

The family

23 june, Schoonhoven

A day of fishing on the estuary. Catch consisting of catfish and stingray. A Blowfish was a pleasant surprise..

Spary, Stingray

Bosrokomang, Blowfish

13 Juni, Kano fishing.

Lorenzo, Greg, Steve and Colin had a special request. They liked to do some fishing from a canoe. Desired location: downstream of the afobaka dam.

We arrived by starting daylight. After preparing the canoe we started fishing. It was a tough day of fishing. All edges have been carefully fished. It produced a number of hook-ups unfortunately not all could be landed. All in all a nice day and again a new experience ..

Black piranha

Tukunari, Peacockbass

Under the bridge

1&2 May, @ the Lake

Teambuilding BL International & Argos. Charlie, Curtis, Brayn, Davis, Matt, Ben, Patrick, Loyd and Said spend 2-days at the Lake. Fishing and enjoying. Overnight @ Matu-Island. Meat on the bbq, a hammock and a beer..

Fishing from different islands, with (live)bait and lures. Everyone caucht his share. Some got even bigger ones.


 With "local" boat at the first island..

Wade fishing

First Catch "ever", Tukunari


Black Piranha


Tukunari, Peacockbass

25 april

  • Almyr Jones and Julian Montoya are employed at Flyallways . Good friend Alex Hollander from Curacao is on vacation. On the recommendation of the director they spend a day fishing on the lake. Once on the fishing grounds it turns out that the men have minimal fishing experience .... OK..
  •  so first a course "how to use a spinning rod".
  • During the instruction I catch the first Peacock Bass . Now it is the the gentlemen's turn ..
  • A fun day with some Peacocks on board. The last 2 hours targeted Piranha. With excellent result.

  •  Customer response :
  • Great trip on the lake!! Catched many fishes (except Julian),Well organized, great food, an experience to never forget.


Triple Hook-up

First catch and a "taste" for more.

"The Commander"


23 april

Fishing on the lake "van Blommensteinmeer" with G. Jaggoe and R. Kooij. It was a Cloudy, windy day. Morning started out with rain. We did not spot any fish. Nevertheless we got a lot of taleslaps. At the end of the day we had caught a few Tukunari and Piranha..

  • Customer response:
  • Lovely day fished, for me it could take longer..
  • Jagoe & Kooij


Tukunari, Peacockbass

 Black Piranha


12 april

Today out fishing with mama Conchita Clarke and her three boys, Jason , Ayci and Jamal. It was a tough day of fishing. In the morning it was raining. When the rain stopped, the wind came on.. We started out on the commewijne river and ended up at Braamspunt , catch consisting of Kodokoe 's ... up to a point, then the StingRays started. Within a short time were able to catch some. Two of them were huge, it was not save to get them in the boat. So the stingray was cutoff in the water.
The dolphins were present. A tough day with unfortunately not a lot fish for the boys.

  • Customer response:
  • This trip is recommended, there is definitely a catch,

Catch of the Day: Stingray



The Family.


7 april

Tim , Harrie and Carina are taking a 5 day holiday in Suriname . It's a short stay, but they want to see some of the highlights .. the lake is one of them... Harry is the most experienced fishermen... it was a tough day of fishing .. searching for the fish we did a lot of spots, eventually everyone got his part .. Peacock Bass and Piranha were caught. 

  • Customer response : 
  • Fishing is always with the right dose of luck . 3 fish caught so successful adventure. Good Luck
  • Fam. Sannen





4 april

It has been a year sinds Jeff Jorzif had been on a trip in Surinam. This time he brought a long colleagues Jerry and Albert. To the lake, again? No.. the estuary is close by, so we don’t have to get-up early.. And so we spend a nice day fishing on the estuary. We had a decent number of fish in the boat, consisting of Catfish and Stingray.





22 Maart:

Sunny day at the estuarie, together with David, Curt, Charlie en J.D.  like yesterday many boating. Guests happy with a good start and also a nice ending.





21 maart

Together with Leon, Matt and Gerard we spend a tough day of fishing at the estuary. A lot of boating in search of the fish. Fortunatly the weather was good, Dolphins were around and we had fish in the boat.


With "the Commander"


25 Februari

A cold rainy day on the "Noordzeekanaal" in holland. It was searching for the fish. But under the expert guidance of our guide Willem Beijeman it came quite right. We had plenty of fish on board consisting of walleye and perch.

Willem thank you for this beautiful day on the water.





With "the Commander", Just like R&S Vissen In Suriname 

8 Februari

A day on the estuarie together with Marie-christine, Yvon, Kouyate and Alfred. Main purpose: Relaxing.. and of course catching some fish. Kouyate and Alfred had no experience fishing with a rod&reel. So we started out with instructions… after that it started out slow catching fish. But during the day it got better with some nice catches..

 Catch of the day: Stingray

With "the Commander"




12 Januari

It’s the second trip to Surinam for the family Valkenburg . This time they want to spend several days in the nature, back to basic. Arriving on Saturday Father Elias, and sons Gerritjan and René have one day to explore Paramaribo. On monday the adventure starts. At airport “ Zorg & Hoop” we take the airplane to Kayana, a village at the end of civilization on the “Upper Surinam River”. After lunch at Kosindo resort we leave for the wildernis by boat. Crossing several rapids we go up the river for about 4 hours.. Next to a Rapid we make camp. A beautiful  scenery.  The next days we spend fishing, swimming and enjoying Nature. From camp we go another 4 hours upstream. Elias, Gerritjan and René are impressed with the nature, beautiful trees, Capibara, Caiman, Snakes etc.. The most impressive was the anaconda having a sunbath..The weather was not to our advantage. In one day the watherlever had risen 1 meter.. in 2 days the water decreased 1 meter. And in one night it rose again 1 meter. This was killing for fishing. After 5 days in the jungle is   was Back to “Zorg en Hoop” with a lifetime experience.

  • Customer response:
  • Despite our fishing trip for the 2nd time in Suriname, was another learning experience.
  • fishing was, despite our expectations, less spectacular, but it is sport fishing.
  • You should have been there to tell about it.
  • Rene, Gerrit-Jan and Elias Valkenburg
  • www.valkenburgnigtevecht.nl


@ Kayana, air-strip

@Kosindo resort 

Crossing a rapid


 Black Piranha

Catfish "louie"


Rainy season

5 Januari

On tour with Ducorent car rental (www.ducorent.com) . We spend two days on the lake. Stay on Matu-Island. Caught a lot of fish. Jerrel and the family enjoyed the trip. 

Catch of the trip: Tukunari, Peacockbass 49CM



 Fresh bait.

Good size Tukunari, Peacockbass

Black Piranha

Catch of the trip...

3 Januari 

Met Lorenzo New and friends off to the lake.. Fishing on the east side of the lake. Many boating and murky water. Not optimal for Tukunari but Piranha was present. At a early stage decided to go back and search for clear water. This had the desired result.


  With the "commander"

Tukunari, Peacockbass

Black piranha