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9 April, Wim & Sander

Independent from eachother Wim and Sander book a fishing tour. After consultation, I can put them on one tour to the reservoir. Once at the lake, I was surprised by an engine failure .. Fortunately we can solve it on the spot. And with 15 minute delay we leave for the fishing grounds.

The waterlevel has dropped, even more than a week ago when we had not been able to catch any Tukunari. And today it seems to be an even tough day. It's Sander who has the first strike. Unfortunately the Peacockbass unhooks just before the boat .. !@@#$% .... Then it's Wim .. And he lands his first Peacockbass. Then it goes quiet ... much too long. We try a few spots. Unfortunately without result. Close to a sandbar there is action... It is Sander who gets attention. up to 3times the Peacockbass Misses "the Whopper Plopper". Then it is quiet again. The water is shallow and crystal clear. Up to 3times a school Peacock swims under the boat. "Take another lure." Sander tries the Rapala "Walk the Dog". No, he prefers the "Whopper Plopper".

There's fish and I can not resist .... With a tight pitch I throw the "Walk the Dog" .... Splash... Peacockbass... And a good Size .. 47CM That is not wrong. The fish is present but does not respond anymore. I spot a Peacock surrounded by a school of youngsters.. OK .. That is the explanation .. They are breeding. Under ideal conditions Peacockbass can breed up to 3 times an year. And then they're hard to catch. the last hour we fish for piranha. Sander is the one to end the day with a beautiful fish ..

Guest comments:

Good choice for fishing in Suriname/ Goede keuze voor hengelen in Suriname


A successful day in a beautiful location/ Een geslaagde dag op een prachtige locatie


Peacock bass, Tukunari.


Wim & Sander and the "Commander"

30 maart, Azief, Shabier & Hafiez

3 cousins. On holiday in Surinam. Weekends they like to spend in the city .. but on weekdays they love to go on tour. Azief is the only one with fishing experience. But shabbier and Hafiez want to experience the reservoir.

Once on the "reservoir" it appears to be a tough day. No action is spotted. The topwaterlures are ignored. If we switch to "livebait" we managed to entice some Piranhas. Unfortunately, it remains thereby .

Black Piranha

Fishing from Island

@ The Ramp

13 Maart, Roos & Barend

It's been a year, as Roos calls ... Of course I remember you ... You were the one with a fear of boats .. We went to the lake and because of the nerves we stopped five times ..

OK fear has been overcome ... with a decent boat as the Commander Roos dares to handle it.

Together with Barend we leave for the estuary. It's a rainy, gray day. But there are catches. First, Roos finds a school of Kodokoe .. Then it's Barend to find a school of Katie's. Roos enjoys the fishing.

Last year Barend had already fished at the estuarie. And Stingray is high on his bucklist. When catches fall back we move to a "rays" site. And then it happened. Clearly a different kind of bite .. and sticking to the bottom. The long-awaited Ray is a fact. And it does not stop there. Eventually two Rays on board and 2x TOO big to get on board.
Mission accomplished...

In the rain we return to the ramp ...

Gray Catfish, Kati

Stingray, Spari

@the ramp,

12 maart, Marianne & Martijn

Marianne and Martijn couldn't get enough. Before they leave for the Netherlands, the like to hit the waters again. To another location. The best option is to the Surinameriver area of overbridge.

It's a great day to fish. no rain and slightly overcast. Unfortunately Marianne does not feel so good. We decided to go back after catching two Piranha's. Sooner than expected back at the ramp.

Black Piranha

@the Ramp with the "commander"

8 Maart, Marianne & Martijn

Martijn and Annemarie are on holiday in Suriname. Martijn owns a fish pond (www.debroekbeke.nl). But he does little fish. Annemarie is the avid fisherman of the two. Today they want to fish, catfish and rays seems to be a nice challenge.

Once Braamspunt it does not take long. Annemarie is the first to catch fish. Martijn does not stay behind and catches his fish. All in all a nice day with no real highlights.

response of the guest:
Perfectly organized tour! a lot of variety of spots. Wonderful fish, clear explanation. also about the places they pass, in a word fantastic. A must for everyone.

Perfect georganiseerde tour! veel afwisseling van stekken. Prachtige vissen, duidelijke uitleg. Naast het vissen ook veel uitleg over de plaatsen die men passeert, in een woord fantastisch. Een aanrader voor iedereen.

Martijn & Annemarie

Stingray, Spari

Bagre bagre, Barbamang

3 Maart, Borghuis

An adventure on the lake. Gert Jan Borghuis again in Suriname after one year. He is here to work together with his wife Theresse. they have two days 'leave' from work. They want to spend those days fishing on the lake. We stay on-Matu Island. On day 1, we leave early. After an hour sailing we are on the fishing grounds. And then it happened. While moving, the motor hits a tree stump. Initially nothing to worry about. But when turning the steering wheel, the engine does not respond.
what to do? We are in the middle of the lake. I'll call for a local boat replacement and that the Commander is retrieved to the city. On manual (90HP) and good teamwork with Theresse and Gertjan we manage to reach Afobakka village safely.
After transferring to the Local boat (koreaal) we leave for Matu. After the late lunch we rest. Today no fishing.
Day 2 begins with an early breakfast. And then we harass the Peacock Bass with the flyfishingrod. The fish is not "loose" still we manage to tempt some Peacocks. After the capture of baitfish we focus the last hour on piranha.

response of the guest:
Is very nice as a couple to do together. you get to know a different part of Suriname.

Is erg leuk om als stel samen te doen, je leert een heel ander deel van Suriname kennen.
Gert-Jan & Theresse.

Peacockbass, Tukunari

Peacockbass, Tukunari

Black Piranha

27 Feb, Harrie v/d Wal

2nd trip with Harry and friends. This time we go to the estuarie. When I pick up the men, it rains. This time they are with three, Harrie, Dirk and Durk. Once at the ramp we decide to wait. It rains terribly hard. After the rain recedes we leave. At "Braamspunt" near the Atlantic we go fishing. The rest of the day it will remain dry. behind us, (country inward) some rain pull over.

On fish we have no complaints. The fish are active and there is plenty of action. Fish on board, some nice catfish are caught. After relocating 3 stingray's are caught. A nice ending.

Gray Catfish, Katie

Stingray, Spari

Stingray, Spari

Dolphins around, Dolfijnen

22 feb, Harrie & friends

Six friends are on holiday in Suriname. Harrie, Jelle, Auke, Jan, Dirk & Durk.
It's a great atmosphere and most of the things they do together, Also a fishing tour to the lake. Oops on the lake with six guests on the Commander. That's not going to work. We move to a local boat (coral). We mainly Fish wading. And it's a good start .. First cast was directly hit. A good size peacockbass.
It is cloudy and the fishing is tough. Yet they manages to land some nice peacockbass. The last hour we fish for piranha. And successfully.

Response of the guests:
Beautiful day, great guide with experience.
Harry, Jelle, Auke Jan Dirk & Durk

Peacockbass, Tukunari

Peacockbass, Tukunari

Peacockbass, Tukunari


Wade fishing.

20 Feb, Tom Fauria

Tom lives in Texas USA. For his work at Kosmos Energy he is in Suriname. He will soon leave. Before leaving he wants to pick up an old hobby. Unfortunately no fishingbuddy, so its just the two of us.

It's a tough day. Clouded weather. And the fish is not visible. We try a lot of spots. Testing a lot of lures ... Are they still breeding? And then the first Peacock Bass .. not too big but sport on light tackle. And there are more. Unfortunately, Not every hit is a fish in the boat.

Peacockbass, Tukunari

Peacockbass, Tukunari

Tough day, Pittige dag.

17 Feb, Tjark, Ulrich & Mitchel

Tjark is on holiday in Suriname. 2 years ago we were on the lake. He had already fished at the estuary. Now he wanted something different, in a day tour. One of the few options left is the Suriname River, area "Over Bridge".

Cousins Ulrich and Mitchel join him. It's a new experience for Mitchel. Never before has he fished with a spinning rod and lures. Unfortunately, the fish is not co-operating. But Mitchel catches his first fish on lures .. smile-emoticon

Nevertheless, They enjoyed it on the water on a wonderful day.

Catch of the day: Tukunari 42cm.

Catch of the day: Tukunari 42cm. Tukunari

Peacockbass, Tukunari

13 Feb, Daan & Juul

Today fishing with Daan & Juul. It is a nice day. Both gentlemen have no fishing experience. They enjoy the cruise and other interesting sights. A flight Scarlet Ibis is a nice change. At Braamspunt it has to happen. After a short course "fishing with spinning rod" the gentlemen start. It's Daan with the first catch. We are tight 15 minutes fishing. And Daan has a taste. But Juul, gladly participates and that works nice ..

Guest comments:
What a trip. Fantastic experience. lots of fish. Day to remember.

Wat een trip. Fantastische ervaring. Veel vis. Dag om nooit te vergeten.
Daan & Juul

Stingray & Gray Catfish

Scarlet Ibis, Rode Ibis

@ the Ramp

3 Feb, Boyke & friends

Rainy day at the estuarie. Boyke, Omar, Sas Shailinder are on vacation in Surinam. It is rainy season and we're not in luck. Soon after we arrive at the fishingspot it starts to rain.
The fishing was not to bad, But i've seen better days.

Guest response:
Positive, Keep it up!

Reactie van de gasten:
Positief, ga zo door!



Gray Catfish, Kati

@ The Ramp

31 Jan, Rick & Kenny

Cloudy day at the Lake. Even some "bad" luck. The Prop broke off a blade..
The fishing was OK. Rick and Kenny had a good number of fish in the boat, some "early releases and followers.

Guest response:
We were very satisfied with Raymond & the whole day, very good fishing location. Long day but well worth it.
We higly recommend fishing with Raymond for peacockbass in Surinam. Reasonable price and plenry of action.
Thanks Raymond

Kenneth Meyer & Richard Wesley

Peacockbass, Tukunari

Peacockbass, Tukunari

Catch & Release

16 Jan, Bartelsman.

Jan Bartelsman is 25 years specialized in food photography and film. (www.bartelsman.nl) Along with his wife Evelijn he visited Suriname because of end internship of daughter Nina. The opportunity is used to work on his latest project. Central is the photo engraving of your food. With the three of them they go on fishing tour to catch a fish to prepare.

Of course "R & S Fish In Suriname" takes part in this project. C & R / Selective Harvest.

Upon leaving there is tension. They have fished more frequently .. but never caught anything .. Today there MUST be a change.. On to the estuary.

After getting fresh bait, fishing can begin. It is spot on. With the right tide behind the nets, ensures fish. Nina and Evelyn stand with a bend rod. Jan is busy at the photo engraving. Nina lands the first fish. A Stingray ... After a solid drill Evelijn loses the fish .. that's a shame.
Goal achieved .. fish has been caught .. of course we're not finished. And so they keep on fishing and some more catfish and stingrays are caught. finally it is decided to take one catfish and one stingray.

Customer response:
Would definitely recommend. lots of fish caught. Raymond knew where to find the good spots. Good food and drink on board. And afterwards with the help of Raymond we fillets a Ray and a Catfish.
Jan Bartelsman

Stingray, Spari

Bagre Bagre, Barbamang

Gray Catfish, Kati

With the "Commander"

13 Jan, Bashir, Angelo & lenny

A day of fishing on the estuary. Angelo and Lenny are together on vacation in Su. Lenny is not a fisherman but goes along for the fun. Bashir has a sabbatical year. He made a 5 day stop in Suriname.

As we expected, we are on time on the fish spot. We have to wait for fresh bait w'll get at the professional fishermen. But then it goes wild .. Within no time Lenny and Bashir catch the first fish. Catfish and stingray. As long as there is current, we continue to catch fish .. Angelo also gets his part. By noon we decide to relocate. Here we get the "heavy" rods out. And that's a good thing. Some rays are caught. The largest will NOT be taken on board for safety reason.

Stingray, Spari

Gray Catfish, Kati

Stingray, Spari